• Thursday, November 05th, 2009

If you are applying and submitting your resume for jobs, you need to have a highly competitive resume! There are thousands of applicants browsing the Internet and uploading their resumes. So, make sure your resume stands out. Here are 5 tips that could help you achieve just that:

1) Objective

Every resume should have an objective, the reader should be able to tell what this person is looking for. An objective doesn’t necessarily need to include the job titles you are looking for or targeting (because those are going to be similar and related to your current and prior titles) but could also include the type of companies that you would like to work for.

2) Skills / Summary

It is always helpful to include a skills summary on top of your resume. It’s a quick professional summary that tells the hiring manager about your most relevant skills and experience. This is your sales pitch, make sure it is written well and includes your specialties, technical skills, as well as major accomplishments.

3) Professional Experience

Your professional experience should not display basic job responsibilities, we are not interested in reading a job description. The reader wants to know what you have done and what have you gained from these experiences.

Include brief description of your companies, list awards, accomplishments, product launches, product names, recognitions, and new skills acquired. Make sure your resume is keyword rich!

4) Length

More is not necessarily better! You can always send the manager additional documents for supporting material, but your resume has to portray a great first impression. If it looks like blocks of words, it is most likely going to be put away. If your resume is more than 3 pages, it’s too long! Ideally, it is usually best kept at 2 pages.

5) No Personal Info

Don’t share personal information on your resume. I’ve seen people put “Married” or “Single” or “3 Kids”… You don’t need to add this type of information on your resume, and especially birthdate. In the U.S., it’s illegal to discriminate against such information, but you will never be able to prove whether your resume was put away because of age, race, marital status… Just avoid adding them, they are not necessary anyways.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Please feel free to add more tips or questions, looking forward to reading your comments!

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    Thank you! Great tips

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    I never know what to put in Objective, thanks for the tip!

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    Ricza H., PHR 

    Thank you! Great tips!

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