• Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

LinkedIn is a great professional social networking website that can be used to meet other professionals while looking to expand your business, network, or search for jobs. Having a LinkedIN profile is not enough, monitoring who views your profile is crucial in determining your online presence and results of your online self-marketing.

These tips can be found helpful in determining who is viewing your profile:

1) “Who’s Viewed My Profile”

On your LinkedIN homepage, look at the right-hand side to locate a box that says “Who’s Viewed My Profile”. This box will display two kinds of information: A) How many times your profile has been viewed in the past day, 3 days, 7 days, or 15 days. B) How many times your profile appeared in search results in the last day, 7 days, or 15 days…

These information are clickable, click this link to view additional detailed statistics. You will then be able to see vague statistics, such as “Someone from ABC company has viewed your profile” or “Someone from Medical Device industry viewed your profile… If you have a paid membership, you will be abel to see detailed statistics with the names of the people viewing your profile.

2) How To Benefit From This Information

Let’s assume you applied for a certain job at ABC company. If you then see someone from that company reviewing your profile, you can infer that someone there is interested in your background or is looking to learn more about you. You can then follow-up with them to see if you can send them additional information…

In addition to monitoring who viewed your profile, monitor your search results. Challenge yourself to raise those numbers. Edit your profile to include keywords that allow you to appear in more search results.

3) How To Edit Settings

Make sure you visit your LinkedIN settings to ensure your profile is visible. Go to settings, go to “Who’s Viewed My Profile” and click “Edit Visibility Settings.” This will take  you to “Profile Views” page where you can make changes.

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    P M 


    This was a VERY interesting post!

    What happens if you do NOT have paid membership and click on “someone from ABC company” viewed your profile? Do you go to the first person at that company or what exactly ?

  2. 2

    If you click on it, it will take you to everyone employed at that company. It’ll just display a list of everyone on LinkedIN working for that company. One of them has viewed your profile, but you won’t be able to tell who it was.

    The same goes for another vague statistics, such as “Someone from NYC”… clicking on it will display everyone living in NYC…

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