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Using traditional job boards, such as careerbuilder and monster, is not enough these days. Finding a job within a niche market like the medical device industry needs additional work. Medical device jobs require a strategic plan and while the medical industry remains steady, more people are targeting it. (If you were recently laid off, make sure you also read our dealing with job loss tips.)

Here are 10 tips for medical device job seekers:

1) Medical Device Resume

Make sure your resume is optimized for the medical device industry. If you have already worked in the industry, make sure the resume is keyword rich. If you do not already have a medical device experience, acquire some relevant knowledge and/or skills. Join professional medical device networks, attend medical device conferences, read and follow medical device news. Speaking of news…

2) Medical Device News

Allocate an hour a day to learn about the industry. If you are already familiar with the industry, learn about your niche field (orthopaedics, cardiovascular, diagnostics, robotic…) and look for emerging medical technologies, product releases, FDA news, employment announcements, and competitors. Figure out what industry you like the most and which companies are ideal for you.

3) Target Medical Device Companies

Make a list of your target medical device companies. Use Excel or similar program to track your companies of interest. Look for people you know at the company, networking is a wonderful tool! Look for recruiters working with these companies.

4) Medical Device Recruiters

Network with medical device recruiters. While recruiters may not have enough time to talk to each and every person, they could be very helpful if contacted at the right time. Make sure you connect with them on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter to stand out and add a personal touch to your networking efforts. It’s a networking business, if they help you make sure to return the favor by referring them to employers or job seekers…

5) Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIN profileshould also be keyword rich. Read more on setting up your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you network with the people you know and the experts in the industry. Connect with medical device recruiters to stay on their radars.

6) Join Medical Device Groups

Search for medical device groups on LinkedIN and Facebook and join them. Use the groups to search for jobs (using the Jobs tab in LinkedIN groups) and use the discussion area to participate in current topics or discussion recent medical device news articles.

7) Market Yourself

Remember, looking for a job is a job! Market yourself properly and treat your search like a PR campaign! If you are still confused about Twitter, read how to find a job using Twitter and decide if it is a good tool for you to use or not.

8 ) Medical Device Job Boards

Look for niche medical device job boards to search for open positions. Don’t blast your resume or use a resumeblaster service, apply for jobs you know are a fit to your skills.

9) Track Your Search

Job hunting can become frustrating and overwhelming. Make sure you keep track of where you send your resume to monitor the effectiveness of your work and to prevent duplicating efforts. Review your log often and monitor which applications, positions, industries are showing interest so you can focus on them. Click here to download a FREE tracking tool to get started.

10) Maintain a Positive Attitude

Your search for a medical device job may take sometime, keep a positive attitude and plan your finances accordingly. Don’t let the lack of response or rejections affect you, be patient, and learn from every opportunity. Learn from every interview, remember practice makes perfect!

Let us know in comments if you found these tips helpful!

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