• Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

If you happen to be unemployed and are starting to worry about the unemployment gap on your resume, consider the following quick tips to bridge the gap:

1) Don’t ignore the gap

If you have been searching for a job for a year or two, don’t ignore this fact and have the employer wonder / dismiss your resume. If you are consulting, freelancing, volunteering, or vacationing, put that on there. Make a short statement regarding your current activities while searching for the right opportunity.

2) Format

If you have a detailed date format (ie January 2001 – January 2007 followed by August 2008 to Present), change it to display only the years (ie 2001 – 2007 followed by 2008 – Present.) A minor change that lessens the affect of the gap. If the employer asks for specific dates, you should be honest. These tips are only there to help you pass the initial screening.

Don’t be afraid of your gaps, things happen. Focus on how you dealt with your challenges to obtain a positive outcome. Feel free to share your tips and questions in comments.

For more resume tips, refer to 5 Crucial Resume Tips.

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