• Wednesday, November 03rd, 2010

Facebook is mostly known for helping people lose their jobs and is usually avoided when job hunting. However, when used properly, a job seeker can tap into the largest social networking website, with 500 million user, to land a job!

Since our focus is usually on Medical Devices, I will be primarily giving tips for medical device job seekers, but these tips can used by everyone!

Finding a job on Facebook is not about spamming your friends with status updates about your current “job hunting” status. There is more to it! Like we always say, finding a job is a job… The trick is making the most out of your network and the Facebook network in general.  Here are 10 tips to help you a medical device job using Facebook.

1) Optimize your profile

Start by optimizing your profile. Use the Info section of your profile and add a keyword rich summary. Include your employment history and education. Edit your settings to hide personal information from the public (such as photos, wall posts, friends…) and keep the Info section visible. If you wish, you may also edit your privacy settings to hide your contact information. However, leave a way for others to contact you via message or email.

2) Review and Manage Your Media / Friends

You may hide your friends from others to see, including  your own friends. By editing your friends’ privacy settings, you will be the only person allowed to see your friends. Make sure your posts, photos, wall… are only viewed by your friends.

Manage your photos, make sure everything is appropriate for anyone to see. Even if you are confident of your privacy settings, don’t post something that you do not want an employer to see. You can also edit your tagged photo settings to make them only viewable to you.

3) Join Groups / Pages

As a medical device job seeker, you will be mainly interested in medical device jobs, medical device companies, and medical device recruiters. Search for relevant groups and company pages to join. Joining / Liking these pages will allow you to view their newsfeed within your mainstream.

Make sure you join our two Facebook Pages: ArkayCareers and MDField.

4) Pay Attention To Your Newsfeed

When you visit Facebook, make sure you read your newsfeed . You will notice updates when a new position has opened up at your target medical device companies. Make sure you also spend sometime in the Facebook Marketplace as well. It is under development but some medical device hiring managers / HR as well as recruiters post jobs in there.

5) Become Active & Participate

If you joined our pages (ArkayCareers and MDField), become active and participate in discussions. If you have a comment to say about a news article or a post, express your opinion. Your active name will serve you well when a hiring manager visits the page and sees your insights. You might impress someone before even sending your resume!

6) Make Friends With Key People

If you notice an open networker, request to become their friend. Some people are okay with it and use Facebook for business purposes as well as personal networking. Add them and make yourself known. Contact them every now and then, offer some help to become memorable for them. They might be returning the favor before you know it!

Feel free to add me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RayanKaissi

7) Chat

If you notice a medical device recruiter online. Start a chat session. If they are busy, they will not respond or might ask for a raincheck, but they are free at the moment. You can introduce yourself to stand out from the piles of resumes they have. You will add a personal touch to your application.

8 ) Don’t Become a Spammer

There is always a fine line between putting yourself out there and becoming annoying! Messaging someone and chatting several times a day is too much! Use your judgement and remember that these people could be at work and are in the middle of meetings, phone calls… (Click here to download the Free tracking log for job seekers.)

9) Share Content

As you research medical device companies, you will often come across valuable information. If you find an interesting article, news, or even job. Share it with your friends. You will set the standard and encourage your network to do the same. Your network may come across a medical device job that you have not seen that would become visible to you at minimum effort. Share with your friends and remember that whatever goes around comes around! ;)

10) Review Your Activities

Always google yourself and manage your online reputation. Facebook also has an option that allows you to see how others view your profile. Try it out and hide anything you do not want to appear. Managing your online presence and Facebook privacy is crucial!

Let us know how you use Facebook to search for medical device and biotech jobs. Did you land a job using Facebook? Share with us in comments, we would love to hear your story and tips we may have missed!

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