• Monday, November 01st, 2010

This list was compiled with information from Medical Products Outsourcing Magazine, as well as the individual company’s annual reports. Click below to get all the details on each of these industry giants.

Top Medical Device Manufacturers

1. Johnson & Johnson $23.6 B
2. Siemens Healthcare $17.4B
3. GE $16B
4. Medtronic $14.6B
5. Baxter International $12.6B
6. Philips Healthcare $11.2B
7. Abbott Laboratories $8.4B
8. Boston Scientific $8.2B
9. Covidien $7.8B
10. Becton Dickinson $7.2B
11. Stryker $6.7B
12. B. Braun $5.8B
13. St. Jude Medical $4.7B
14. Cardinal Health $4.6B
15. 3M Healthcare $4.3B
16. Zimmer $4.1B
17. Olympus Medical $4B
18. Hospira $3.9B
19. Smith & Nephew $3.8B
20. Toshiba $3.7B
21. Synthes $3.4B
22. Beckman Coulter $3.3B
23. Terumo $3.1B
24. Danaher $3.1B
25. Alcon $3B
26. Fresenius Medical $2.9B
27. Biomet $2.5B
28. CR Bard $2.5B
29. Varian Medical $2.2B
30. Dentsply International $2.2B

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Do you work for any of these companies? Did you expect these companies to be on the Top list? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!

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    Thank you for this list! I was looking for something like this.

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    Joe G 

    Very informative, thank you for sharing.

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    Very interesting, thanks a lot!

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    Now we know!


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    Great information. This list speaks volumes!!!!!!!!!

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    I’ve been looking for a list of the biggest medical device players, thanks for posting!

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    Have you considered compiling a list of the fastest growing med device companies? based on revenue? dollar growth? it would be interesting to see who the emerging company leaders are

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    Would love to, if you have a list of companies you would like us to include or any other suggestions, please email us at:

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    i am with stryker. great to see it on the list. want to be in top 5 companies.

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