• Friday, June 10th, 2011

What’s the best way for a candidate to address employment gaps in their resume during an interview?

As we’ve discussed, what a hiring manager cares about is your ability to do the job, do it well, and fit into the organization. A lot of people have gaps in their resume.

Yes, I will question you about the gaps, but all I want is an honest answer.

Experienced interviewers have well-developed BS detectors. So don’t try to hide your employment gaps or pad the dates of other jobs. Just tell me the truth. You took time off to care for a child. You got laid off. You didn’t get along with your boss. I understand these things.

Here’s a secret that hiring managers will rarely tell you: If you get fired or laid off, especially after a short time on the job, it’s usually not your fault. A “bad hire” is often the hiring manager’s fault. After all, they pick you; you don’t pick them.

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