• Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


As a recruiter, I spend most of my days talking to job seekers and conducting interviews for our clients. For some reason, a lot of candidates pause when they are asked to talk about themselves. Asking you to talk about yourself is a common start-up question that puts the interview in motion. Don’t be afraid to omit details and definitely don’t tell your life story… So, what is it really that you SHOULD say? What is the right answer?

How to talk about yourself up in a job interview: 

This is usually one of the first three questions asked during an interview. It serves as a good ice breaker and a way for the interviewer to get a better sense of who you are. Take the opportunity to provide a quick summary of your accomplishments, education, career experience, work history and future goals. Make sure you stick to business-related topics. This is not the time to discuss your marital status and personal objectives. Only comment on personal topics when asked, and keep your reference to them general.  Focus on any strengths that may give you an advantage over other applicants. Don’t go into too much detail to leave room for follow-up questions from the hiring manager.

Remember, this question is a conversation starter, don’t over-think it. Prepare your answer before your scheduled interview with the hiring manager. Most often than not he/she will ask you to start by telling them a little bit about yourself.

Do you find some questions more difficult to answer than others? Let us know in comment!

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