• Monday, December 03rd, 2012

Medical device recruiters hiring medical device professionals

General Manager

Location: Midwest

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Position Summary:

The General Manager is the overall, primary management and leadership role of our client’s facility. The General Manager directs the overall business function, policies and practices of the site by setting the strategic directions and priorities to ensure that the company’s financial and operational goals and objectives are consistently achieved and are aligned with the direction provided directly by the president and the board of directors.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree and preferably MBA.
  • 15+ years of product development consulting firm or related industry experience.
  • A detailed understanding of the financial and operational nuances of the consulting firm “fee for service” business model as it relates to sustained business growth and success.
  • A history of developing products with a full range of multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Strong experience and knowledge of the full spectrum of research, design, engineering and implementation (ESI/DFM) best practices   
  • Experience in a wide range of manufacturing strategies, processes and technologies
  • Experience in engaging customers in the business development process of communicating the key value propositions of the organization while compelling them to actively engage in consulting services.
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully engaging customers in the strategic planning of their product development opportunities to create robust plans for insured product success.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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About us:

Arkay Career Services is an executive recruiting firm specializing exclusively in the nationwide recruitment of medical professionals in the areas of Medical Devices, Biotechnology, and Bio-Pharma within the country. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to find Top Tier Candidates for our clients making a difference in the healthcare industry.

Within our primary niche market, our search expertise include the following positions: C-level executives, VP, senior level managers and directors, operations, sales, business development, marketing, product management, engineering, quality assurance and regulatory affairs(QA/RA), clinical, and more…


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