• Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Medical Device Job QuestionsAs you may already know, we are a recruiting firm that specializes in the medical device industry. Between emails, LinkedIn messages, calls, and online applications, we usually receive over a thousand DAILY inquiries from job seekers alone! Among these inquiries, there is a large number of people asking for a professional advice on how to break into the medical device industry and how to get into medical device sales.

For this reason, and to help our blog followers, our Senior Medical Device Recruiter answered the top 5 questions we receive from the new generation candidates who are struggling to find their way into the medical device industry:

1) What should I major in to get into medical device field?

This is a broad question, it depends on what specific role you would like to take in the industry. Aside from the obvious Biomedical Engineering track, you could major in anything that interests you and add some science / medical classes. For example, if you want to work in Marketing. You could major in Marketing and take anatomy & physiology as electives. If your interest is in companies specializing in neuro devices, you could take neuroscience. When all you have is education, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Know what you want to work in and shape your degree to make your application competitive.

2) How can I find a medical device job if I don’t have prior experience?

This question is legit for all fields but is especially common in competitive fields. In addition to taking specialized classes, joining innovative groups or medical device clubs at the university, you should look into internships. Many of the giant medical device companies hire interns. If you impress, this might be your first step into the job.

3) What is the job market like in the medical device field? 

This field overcame the economic crisis with flying colors! This is good new and can be bad news. Many people see the value in this field and are wanting to be a part of it. If you are still in school, you need to get as much experience as possible from projects, courses, higher education, internships, and attending conferences and seminars related to the field of interest.

4) Should I only focus on large medical device companies?

While the big companies have room for internships and entry level roles, they can also be narrow. I recommend considering small companies as well. At a smaller company, you might be able to assume more responsibilities in a shorter period of time. Either way, the first step is very important. Once you’re in, do your best to stick around and start working on a niche experience. 

5) My state is very limited, where do you think I should move?

For medical device opportunities, there is no guarantee, but if you were to move… I recommend considering CA, MA, and MN.


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If you are an experienced professional in the field, please share any additional tips you may have. Hundreds of people will appreciate your input!



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