• Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Who did the hiring in 2013 and what they pay

Some 2.1 million jobs created, but many pay far less than average U.S. wage




Here’s the good news. The U.S. added more than 2.1 million jobs in 2013 for the third straight year, the best stretch since 2004 to 2006.

Now the not-so-good news. The economy still hasn’t recovered all the jobs lost in the Great Recession, even though the working-age (16-64) population has grown by about 5 million over the past five years.

The U.S. has to add an additional 1.18 million jobs to match its prior peak of 138.1 million, set in the first month of 2008.

Nor is the quality of the jobs created the stuff of an economy running on all cylinders. More than half of all new positions added in 2013 appear to pay $18 an hour or less, a review of government data shows. That’s just three-fourths of the national average of all American workers.

See the following slides to find out where all the jobs were created in 2013 and how much they pay. (These numbers will be modified slightly once the government conducts its normal revisions).

Original seen on Marketwatch.


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