• Monday, May 11th, 2015

Medical-device-recruiterAre you ready for your 2015 job search?

One of your first tasks is probably polishing your resume… but oh, how the times have changed.

The new reality in executive job hunting demands not only a powerful marketing package for your skills, but also a keen awareness of social media, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), recruiter preferences, and cutting-edge personal branding. Be aware of 5 trends that are likely to affect how you are perceived in 2015:

Trend #1 – Cutting-Edge Resume Design.

If you’re still using a Microsoft Word template or just typing your information into a resume document, it’s time to play catch-up. Today, executive resumes have evolved from black-and-white, single-page chronologies into personally branded marketing documents, complete with accents of color, infographics, and other eye-catching design elements.

Trend #2 – Resume Color.

While not a new concept, color on resumes is a trend that started several years ago and is gaining ground. Even a small splash of blue for headings and descriptions helps set off key terms, while still maintaining a conservative look. If you decide to apply color on your executive resume, start small with a change in a single header or line of text. Be sure the color you choose aligns with your profession and don’t over do it.

Trend #3 – LinkedIn-Specific Content.

Not that LinkedIn is ready to replace the executive resume, but you WILL need a competitive presence on LinkedIn and you will need to craft your digital persona just as carefullyTo be competitive on LinkedIn, you’ll need an executive presence and fully populated Profile that rivals the content of other leaders. Your LinkedIn Profile will also require an intensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to pull in traffic from recruiters. Some of the fields on your Profile (such as your Headline) are highly indexed, meaning that you’ll need to place powerful keywords there to attract more views.

Trend #4 – The Portfolio Approach.

What to do with all the reference letters, LinkedIn Recommendations, and testimonials from your career? Prepare a professional portfolio. Your executive resume, even if well-written and compelling, won’t represent all things to all members of the hiring audience.

Trend #5 – Personal Website.

The growth of online and social recruiting has been tremendous in the past years. Job seekers need to be very well aware of their online reputation and take control over their online presence. They need to be savvy in social media strategies and the first step in establishing a professional online presence is to develop your own personal website. The website can have a blog section to showcase your expertise in your field, host your resume (password protected if needed), showcase your accomplishments and recommendations… The website gives you an edge and an opportunity to share as much information as you wish to the hiring audience, clients, and professional colleagues.

We highly recommend for all job seekers to invest and partner with professional consultants to build their job search packages. Don’t wait until you are in the job market to prepare these documents. The best time to work on your professional documents is now. While you have a job, you can afford to invest and you can afford to spend the time to prepare a cutting edge package.

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